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Google search can be so strange – Appliance repair search

I sometimes think that Google thrives on driving people crazy.  I recently bought a domain because it had 200+ backlinks to it, a very low spam count against it.  So, I thought this would be a domain with very good authority.  So I went through the usual steps that you would take to get a site indexed in Google.  It’s been a solid week and Google has not indexed any of the pages.  So weird.

You would think that with 200+ sites having links to it – that Google would look at it and see the new pages.  I’m not sure what to do.  Maybe I will sell it to someone that wants a domain that would be really strong for an appliance repair company in Houston.

This is when I really start to doubt everything that I have learned about SEO.  Seriously.  If I can’t even get a simple appliance repair site to show up in the rankings at all – what good is even trying?  Can I push a site anymore? I hate to see all these guys out there that are selling information about how to do it and it appears to all be bullshit.

I’ve paid for SEO training – and I see so many guys touting that their methods work so well – but I see very similar stuff between all of them and most of it works just to a certain point.  To use appliance repair as an example,  If I look at all the data for appliance repair in Houston and the suburbs, I see that some really crappy sites that are not mobile responsive and have obvious keyword stuffing, actually rank really well.  But why?  Everything I read says that the big G will kick your ass for not being mobile responsive now.  But keyword stuffing?  That’s been a no-no for the last several years.  So how can an appliance repair website in a city the size of Houston still rank so well if they’re breaking all of the new search rules?

Maybe the big G has some algorithm that allows a stuffed site to rank when it has age behind it?  I don’t know.  But whatever it is – I think that it diminishes  the value of anything that the big SEO guys are pushing as their grand solution.

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I’m pretty sure this dog’s name is Google!



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