Playing with linking and how to rank businesses

Man!  It can be so tough to get websites to rank in the search engines.  Everyone seems to have some voodoo way to get things to rank and I have tried many.  I’d say that I’ve tried them all – but theres just way too many to count at this point.  My main goal is to get my Reno plumbers site to rank.  But geez.  It feels impossible some days.  I have so many high powered backlinks and yet, it still seems stuck.

Now, Google is asking everyone to step up and have an SSL certificate for each site.  What a pain that is!  And it’s not cheap.  But I’ve started down that road this week and will be converting more and more of my sites.

I hope to find a more seamless and less expensive solution soon.

What works?

Sometimes, I can create a site, push it to some citations, add 3-10 backlinks, and BOOM!  It makes it to the top of the search results for the category.  I’ve done it in Sacramento, Austin, Denver, and more.  But fucking Reno?  Nope.  Every site I try to rank in Reno feels like a battle for survival.  So damn frustrating.

So my list of ‘what works’ is less than validated.  Really.  I think it’s hit and miss and all the tools to help me analyze it seem like smoke and mirrors.

Trust Flow & Citation Flow: Is it Bullshit?

I’m beginning to think that Trust and Citation flow are bullshit.  Of course Majestic will tell you that you need solid trust flow and you want to have a similar amount of citation flow – but seriously?  I have sites that have stellar numbers and Google still seems to think that they should not rank well.

Content is King: Maybe. Maybe not.

I have spent hours writing content for client sites.  I also have hired third parties to write content for me.  Neither has proven to be the magic key.

Examples of ones that worked:  Pro Hood Cleaning, ProCo Hood Cleaning, Best Hood Cleaning.  All of them ranked pretty easily.  It was like picking a fight with a third grader.  Good content, a few backlinks, and all of a sudden the sites rank for dozens of keywords.

Examples that didn’t work: Reno Plumbers, Chiropractic, Carpet Cleaning. And the big question is: why not?  I mean, the content was every bit as original.  The backlinks were done right.  But yet – getting them to rank is a fucking nightmare.

If you were to judge any of these sites against their competitors, in all cases, my sites have better and more content.  My sites have more and better citations and backlinks.  My sites have better labeled pictures, graphics, etc.

So why?  Why is this not working the way that I know it should?  It has to be possible to fix, but I need to identify what’s broken.  I am going to dig deep and create a solid solution that I can roll out to all my sites.

You can comment on it here or if you want to come back – I will publish my findings and all the evidence of what will work.

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