Have you chosen a replacement for Google Reader?

I’ve been a big fan of Google Reader for combining my RSS feeds into one spot ever since I started reading blogs and News online.  For many years Google Reader has served me well.  But now that Google is ‘sunsetting’ their great RSS Reader, what should we use?

So the question for me was – NOW WHAT?  I tried a few options.  I even launched one myself: using tiny tiny rss. The best instructions for doing this can be found at Lifehacker.

Tiny Tiny RSS was a little challenging to setup – but I like it.  Using it in a Mac or PC browser – it’s pretty good.  And since I have it on my server, I don’t have to worry about someone sunsetting it – or some company buying it to dismantle (see Tungle.com).

But I did find something that I think I like better.  In fact, I think I like it better than I ever liked Google Reader itself.  And that’s Feedly.  Feedly is elegant and portable.  I like it on my desktop (Windows 7) and notebook (MacBook Air) – but I really enjoy it on my iPad.  I think it’s going to work out great.

Feedly has set themselves up it’s own syncing service too.  So it’s more than just an RSS Reader, it’s also running the backend of gathering your favorite RSS feeds and feeding them to you when you’re ready to explore them.

As part of that initiative, Feedly has been providing a ‘patch’ to get your feed info from Google Reader.  Now, very quietly, they are fixing it so that when Google Reader goes offline – you won’t even notice!



If you’re currently using Feedly as the frontend for your your Google Reader account, this change is happening as we speak!  Here is some details on this action from LifeHacker.com: Feedly Gets it’s own Syncing Service

So I recommend you check out Feedly.  Tell me what you think.  I’d enjoy hearing your opinion.

All the best,
- JR Fent




UPDATE: July 2, 2013 – Google Reader is now gone.  My change over to Feedly was fast and painless.  I’ll have a little learning curve on adding RSS feeds – but I’m pretty happy that Feedly stepped up to be the new standard in RSS aggregating. – JR

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