About Selling SOLUTIONS and Not Selling SEO


I want to do screencasts for businesses that need website improvements or have no website. Not going so well. Only talking to the business owner about 10% of the time. I made 25+ calls.
1. Ask for the business owner
2. Hi I’m Sally SEO Salesperson from xzy Marketing in xyz city. I’d like to send you a 5-minute video showing you 3 things you can do to improve your website. Would you be willing to watch if I sent that over to you?
3. Pass
I think a lot of the times the business owner answers and they just say they aren’t the business owner.
What am I doing wrong???


You’re blind siding him with something outside of his world. He’s not sitting there thinking, “hmm, I wonder what the 3 things are that could improve my website today?” He’s thinking, “how am I going to make enough money in my stupid business to pay the bills and take the kids to DisneyWorld in the spring?”

See the difference? You need him to see you as a solution to his problems – not someone puking news about a problem he doesn’t know that he has.

That’s what every lame SEO asshat is doing right now that’s saying: “Hey – we looked at your website and we see issues that are keeping you from being #1 in Google”. Barf! WTF does that even mean? “Don’t bug me about my ‘google’, I have to find new customers!”


“You want a solution to your sales problem? Let me tell you what’s going on in your marketplace… You’re getting creamed by Marco’s Window Cleaning! While you’re trying to figure out how to pay your bills, He’s getting 80% of the business in XYZ City.

He’s planning his next 3 week trip to Kauai and picking out a slip for his new sailboat in Southern California. Do you want to compete with the big dogs in your market or is your income level good enough?

My clients get a 20% boost in sales in the first 30 days that I work with them and keep increasing their business by 20% until they more than double their sales and incomes inside of the next year. Would you want to take a shot at results like that? 3 weeks in Kauai? Or new water ‘toys’ for summer? New sailboat or powerboat? How about just kicking Marco’s ass for once?

My marketing plan is perfect for you – but YOU have to really want the results. Would you be ready to take on more staff if your business was blowing up? Do you really, REALLY want to be the big dog in the market? I found eight other companies in the market that are in the same boat as you – I’m only going to work with one. We need to talk this week because I’m gonna help one of them be bigger than Marco’s. Want it to be you?”

Now that my friends is what we need to do to earn business.  Stop being a ‘Google Ranking Jackass’.

If I can’t increase his business 20% per month, month after month until he’s 200% then I really don’t deserve his business.  I can make his phone ring 100 to 150 times per month more than it rings now.  Will that make him wealthy?  If he’s a good businessman it will!  And if I help make him wealthy, I’ll have a client and friend for life.

-JR Fent

8 thoughts on “About Selling SOLUTIONS and Not Selling SEO

  1. Great information JR!
    Sometimes people forget about the basics and end up talking way too much about things that aren’t important to the customer.

  2. Spot on! I love your writing style LOL – don’t be another google asshat. So true. I will rethink my sales pitch from now on. Thanks JR!

  3. Excellent suggestion.
    In this day and age you have to be a step above the rest and know how to approach the prospecting game .
    Thanks for sharing

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