Top 25 US Companies for Pay & Benefits

happy_employeesCompanies are struggling to attract and retain skilled employees, and the response by some has been to create an attractive work environment. A report from online career site Glassdoor shows why a number of employers rank at the top in terms of pay and benefits, giving them a leg up in an extremely competitive market for the best talent. Here’s a list of 25 great employers that topped the list:

Google logo

The Mountain View, Calif.-based information technology company gets high marks from its employees, with 91% of employees saying they would recommend the company to a friend as a place to work. Many of the Glassdoor reviewers tout Google’s litany of perks, including free health/fitness assessments, free 24-hour a day gym access, free self-service laundry, a bowling alley, volley ball pit, and free breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Competitive compensation includes bonuses and equity grants.

Costco logo

This wholesale giant, headquartered in Issaquah, Wash., grabs the second place spot by offering its full-time and part-time employees low-deductible health insurance benefits that employees describe as inexpensive and comprehensive. Entry-level pay is competitive and employees working on Sundays make time and a half pay. Employees on overwhelmingly say they feel the company cares about its employees.

Epic logo

Epic, a privately-owned medical software firm located in Verona, Wis., earned its spot in the top 5 by vetting skilled employees through a rigorous hiring process and in-turn compensating them with above-average pay, trusting them with autonomy over work projects, allowing a casual dress code, offering solid employee benefits and opportunities to earn rewards, such as a month-long sabbatical after 5 years of employment.

Facebook logo

Employees at the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company that runs the world’s largest social network mutually agree the workplace culture here is the company’s biggest perk, with many saying their coworkers are smart, passionate about their work and become like family members. The company is also highly transparent and offers lots of holiday vacation days and ample time off, reviewers on Glassdoor say. The company also offers comprehensive benefits and perks, including a free gym and onsite health care, such as a chiropractor and acupuncturist.

Adobe logo

This information technology company based in San Jose, Calif. is described by its employee reviewers on as “people-focused and forward-thinking.” Compensation is typically “better than peer companies,” reviewers say, adding that employee benefits include a competitive health insurance package, onsite gym and pet insurance.

Intuit logo

The Mountain View, Calif.-based information technology company Intuit is described by Glassdoor employee reviewers as “valuing its employees.” The company offers a total rewards package that includes fitness reimbursement, heavily discounted healthy lunches and generous bonus packages.

USAA logo

This San Antonio, Texas-based financial group, which caters to military personnel, has frequently been named a top company to work for by Fortune magazine and others. The company offers Humana health insurance, an HSA to cover additional health care expenses, extra time off around the holidays and a bonus. Employees also praised the company’s education benefits while writing on Glassdoor.

Kaiser Permanente logo

Kaiser Permanente
This Oakland, Calif.-based health care company employs individuals around the country, with reviewers on Glassdoor saying patient-care comes first. Employees are privy to flexible scheduling and a benefits package that includes retirement and education assistance.

Chevron logo

This San Roman, Calif.-based oil and gas utility company is consistently reviewed by its employees as offering excellent compensation packages and a culture that encourages employee health and well-being, including planned activities focused on employee enhancement.

Salesforce logo

As one of the pioneers of cloud computing, this San Francisco, Calif.-based company offers its employees a rapidly growing environment with high growth potential. Reviewers on tout the company’s good work-life balance, high compensation rates, flexible scheduling, affordable employee benefits and an office environment that includes a ping-pong table, mini-bar, bean bag chairs, comfortable office seating and big screen TVs.

Monsanto logo

Employees of this Saint Louis, Mo.-based agriculture giant say the company offers enough flexibility for its employees, even those with children, to enjoy a comfortable work-life balance, including freedom to manage one’s own time, summer hours and ample vacation time. Employee benefits include medical insurance, classes for development and lots of opportunities for advancement.

Genentech logo

This biotech company based out of San Francisco, Calif. attracts and retains employees, top scientists and talent in the field by compensating employees with high salaries, benefit packages and a host of perks including an onsite gym, car-detailing, dentist, haircuts and laundry service.

Qualcomm logo

Employees of this San Diego, Calif.-based information technology company say their benefit package includes free medical insurance, prescription insurance, an onsite gym and flexible scheduling. Reviewers on Glassdoor agree the company also invests heavily in training its employees for career growth.

vmware logo

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based technology solutions company offers its employees a benefit package that includes health, dental and a 401(k) plan, not to mention food and drinks on its main campus and unlimited vacation time.

riverbed technology logo

Riverbed Technology
This growing information technology firm based in San Francisco, Calif. has reviewers on Glassdoor championing a flexible work environment that not only allows for individual needs, but encourages team work and accommodation. The company offers competitive pay and benefits, and a work environment that includes encouraging fun, such as game rooms and free snacks and drinks.

verizon logo

Employees of the New York-based communications company Verizon are compensated with “above average pay” and, according to Glassdoor reviewers, a flexible work schedule, generous tuition assistance program, medical benefits and a 401(k). The company also focuses on its employees’ health and wellness.

t-mobile logo

Employee benefits for full-time and part-time employees earns this Bellevue, Wash.-based telecommunications company a spot in the top 25 companies for compensation and benefits on Glassdoor. Employee reviewers say they also receive an abundance of paid time off, free cell phones, discounted cell phone service and sales contests with giveaways.

microsoft logo

While employees in the early days of this Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant were rumored to sleep under their desks in between long hours of coding and competitive product development, employees now say the work-life balance is a plus at Microsoft. Employee benefits are especially attractive for employees with families, according to reviewers on Glassdoor, and include health and dental, an HSA and retirement plan.

amgen logo

This Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based biotech business is known for generous bonuses and paid time off, a matching 401(k), free full-access gym with free classes, a nap room and free child care. Employees also say the company offers flexible scheduling and some opportunities for remote work.

pfizer logo

Employees of this New York-based pharmaceutical company are offered an affordable health care plan that includes free Pfizer drugs. The company also offers an onsite gym, clinic, cafeteria and day care. While compensation was comparable to others in the industry, reviewers on Glassdoor said the work-life balance at Pfizer is preferable.

southern california edison logo

Southern California Edison
This Rosemead, Calif.-based utility company offers its employees a matching 401(k) and a pension plan, tuition assistance and flexible work schedules. Employee reviewers say the compensation rates are high for the industry and the company offers a good work-life balance. SCE has twice been named by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the best places to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual equality.

orbitz worldwide logo

Orbitz Worldwide
This leading global online travel company, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., “rewards good ideas,” according to one employee reviewer on Glassdoor. The company also offers a good health benefits package, casual dress code, free soda, ping pong tables in the break rooms, a liberal vacation policy and flexible work schedule, reviewers say.

proctor & gamble logo

Proctor & Gamble
Employees of this multinational consumer goods manufacturing company, based in Cincinatti, Ohio, consistently say the firm encourages employee development with training and education opportunities. Employees are highly compensated, with ample room for advancement, reviewers say. Employee benefits include retirement plan options and profit sharing.

union pacific logo

Union Pacific
Headquartered in Omaha, Neb., employees of this railroad company claim the retirement benefits are second to none. Salaries are also competitive and employees say reviews are setup every six months with a potential for raises.

ebay logo

Global commerce leader eBay offers its employees benefit options from day one of their hire date. Employees are offered medical, dental and vision benefits as well as stock options, according to Glassdoor reviewers. The company, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., also offers paid time off that increases with every year of employment, floating holidays and double-pay on holidays worked.

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