The most dangerous phrase is we’ve always done it this way

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Stay in the Game

Remember, building a business takes time and commitment. One commitment is staying in the game and growing a thick skin to handle the word “NO”. Here is the Truth about Selling and how quickly people give up.

Print this and commit to yourself to BEAT these odds!

You Are As Good As You Believe You Are!

The Truth

  • 80% of all sales are made after the fifth call
  • 48% of all salespeople make one call and quit
  • 25% of all salespeople call twice and quit
  • 17% of all salespeople call three times and quit
  • 10% of all salespeople keep calling
  • 80% of all sales are made by 10% of all salespeople

Which Are You? The 80% that Quit or the 10% that Commit to Success!! 

Do It!!

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Helping someone to buy the best notebook computer is a great business excercise

I get this question all the time from friends and family: “I’m going to need to buy a notebook computer now. Which one should I get?”

Knowing that I live in a world where the answer won’t be accepted without a little bit of probing questions, I always ask questions to steer them to the one answer that I believe in and through my questioning, the person asking for my help feels good that I’ve listened to them well enough to help them make an informed decision.  Here is how that conversation typically goes…. (more…)

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Stepping out of your comfort zone

Years ago nobody thought that human beings would ever fly.  But someone tried something a little uncomfortable and flight was born.  But there were plenty of people that told Orville and Wilbur Wright that what they were attempting was impossible.

I bring this up for a simple reason: people will always feel that you can’t do something great.  And then when you do – many will feel that you are ‘special’ or that you’re ‘just lucky’.  Some people will even be of awe.  But very few will venture down the path you’re taking.

One of my favorite stories of this comes from a book called ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach.  Please by the book and let the messages sink in.

I’m going to take liberties and show your the story from the preface of the book… (more…)

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