How One Green Button Changed Our Business

I posted about this in a forum: but wanted to talk a little more about this amazing result.

Back Story:  My client was looking for more phone calls for his Miami Hood Cleaning business.  So we’ve been working to improve his ranks in the search engines and to get more incoming phone calls (the big goal).  Things were going well but really, we needed more calls.  So, we implemented what I call ‘the big green call button’.  It’s a sticky button (stays on the screen all the time) and we programmed it to only show up on mobile devices.  Our logic was that if it was a ‘click-to-call’ button, we only wanted it on devices that you could make calls from.

Coding was not to diffucult and we really liked the result (as far as the look & feel).  Then two things happened:

  1. Our quality score at Google Adwords went up and the cost of clicks dropped between 30% and 50%.
  2. Our phone calls went up by 40%.!!!!!

This was HUGE for us.  All of a sudden Google Adwords became a bargain for us.  Now we’re getting plenty of calls and our hood cleaning team is booked out further in advance than ever.  All because of one green button!

How did we do it?

Miami Hood Cleaning ProsOur website for is built in WordPress.  So we needed a simple solution that we could launch on every page.  To do that, we needed the description of the button to be coded in CSS, and the actual button to be coded in straight HTML.  No Javascript, or anything like that.

First step was to find a way to code it so that the button would show up only on the mobile devices.  That was simply a plugin called ‘mobile discover’.

Then we figured out the code to make an edge to edge button.  Simple CSS with a statement of where it was to be placed and the height of the button, and the phone number that was to be dialed when the button was pushed.

That’s it.  Then it was a matter of figuring how to code it into the pages.  We used the plugin ‘openhook’ which gave us a simple way to inject the code for the button on everypage.

Your welcome to go try it on your mobile device.  If you click the call button, please don’t actually make the call.  You’ll drive our dispatcher crazy!


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So What Happens When You Use Google URL Shortener to Reference a Google Doc?

So What Happens When You Use Google URL Shortener to Reference a Google Doc?  Okay – let me explain….

I know that Google likes to index sites that Google controls.  They even index Google Docs.  It also appears that they index Google URL Shortener pages.  So, what if I took something like Reno Carpet Repair and I mentioned it with a backlink to an article about Reno Carpet Repair ? Would that help the sites ranking?  OR what if I took it a step further and referenced the Google Document in a Google Shortener url like this: ?

So, the question becomes – would any of those methods actually A- get indexed & B- help with ranking?

Seems to me, it should work amazingly well.  But time will tell.  I am doing this on Sept 18,2017.  I will come back  here and report the results shortly.

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